Services For Trusts/Estates

Whether you are planning to protect your assets for future generations or shouldering the responsibility of an executor, one thing is critical:  getting it right.  There are numerous ways to do just about everything, from setting up a trust to notifying beneficiaries of an estate.  In each circumstance, however, chances are good that there is only one right way.

AKM has unparalleled expertise in the trusts and estates arena.  We regularly collaborate with attorneys to set up trusts for tax planning and asset preservation purposes.

We also attend to all the critical details of executing an estate:

  • Estate compliance oversight (with attorneys)
  • Estate financial planning
  • Estate tax returns
  • Fiduciary accountings
  • Fiduciary income tax returns
  • Required Crummey notices to beneficiaries
  • Trust strategies

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AKM Family Financial Services: Guardianship Support