Executive and Family Office Services

Each of us is good at some things, but not so good at others.  Each of us also finds some things enjoyable, but others less so.  If managing your day-to-day financial and business affairs is preventing you from doing other things, your AKM CPA can offer you help on a variety of levels:

  • Personal Payables Manager takes the hassle out of bill payment.
  • Business management for entertainers and high net worth individuals provides you with a personal chief financial officer and chief operating officer.
  • Family Financial Services offers right-sized family office services.
  • Asset protection planning can help you preserve and enjoy your assets during your lifetime—and maximize your chosen distribution afterwards.
  • Personal concierge services will take some of life’s annoying administrative details—and the worries that accompany them—off your hands.

Talk to us when you’re too busy to mind your own business.