Business Tax Services

Failure to comply properly with tax laws can produce some of the biggest headaches—and biggest unnecessary expenses—any business can face.

Your AKM CPA can help you stay in compliance, plan ahead to avoid big tax hits and strategize to reduce your tax bill.  Our services include:

  • Tax preparation and compliance.  We carefully prepare filings and submit them in a timely manner, based on information we receive from you (or information we help you prepare).
  • Federal, state and local.  We deal with tax authorities at all three levels of government—and in multiple states.
  • Sales taxes and nexus determination.  We manage both single and multistate sales tax filings.  We also help you handle nexus claims, where more than one state is attempting to collect from you.
  • Employment taxes and withholding.  We can help you determine who qualifies as an employee and ensure that you avoid costly compliance errors.
  • Tax planning and strategies.  We can help you plan intelligently to meet your tax liabilities without unpleasant last-minute surprises.
  • Acquisition, expensing and reduction strategies.   We’ll work with you to determine how to maximize deductible expenses and reduce taxes, now and over multiple years.

Talk to us when you are ready to take a more proactive approach to your business taxes.