Business Finance Services

Businesses exist to make money, but it takes money to make it.  So you have to watch what you have, spend it wisely, invest in strategic expansions and borrow prudently.

Your AKM CPA can help you stay on solid financial footing with a wide range of services, including:

  • Audit, review and compilation.  Is everything properly accounted for?  Is the money going where it is supposed to be going?
  • Business valuations.  What is the operation really worth?  What mitigating factors could increase or diminish its value?
  • Cash flow/cash management.  Is a cash flow crunch preventing you from having the business you want?  Do you have too much money tied up in receivables?
  • Financing assistance (bank, factor, lease and alternatives).  Could an infusion of outside cash make the difference between an ok year and a great one? Can you unlock value from an idle asset?
  • Forecasts and projections.  How are things stacking up for you this year?  How much will you need to finance the things you want to do?

Let us help you maintain a solid bottom line.