Business Consulting Services

Creating a successful business involves sound strategy, effective tactics and a careful balance between the long view and immediate needs.

Owners of closely held businesses frequently have to wear a number of hats.  When this gets overwhelming—or when you would simply rather focus on something else—it’s good to know that you can call on experienced advisors.

Your AKM CPA can assist you with:

  • Business plans and projections.  What’s your strategy for growth?  How will you benchmark your accomplishments?
  • Business succession planning.  How are you going to enjoy the rewards of all your hard work?  Who will take care of things when you are ready to retire?
  • Due diligence and acquisitions.  Does a major capital purchase or acquisition of another firm really make sense right now?  How will you measure the outcomes?
  • Incorporation and business formationWhat entity is right for you?  Are there nuances you should explore?
  • Insurance review (E&O, liability, umbrella).  Are you unnecessarily exposed to any risks?  Could one unfortunate incident wipe you out?
  • Group benefit plans (health, dental, disability and more). How will you control costs?  Do you need to provide particular benefits to keep quality people?
  • Qualified retirement plans (401(k), profit sharing and more).  Can you provide something good for your employees while saving money on taxes?  Should you structure plans to offer additional rewards to key employees?

Count on us when you need help with strategic decision-making or essential operations.