Resources to Help You Bring It All Into Focus

Making an informed decision about your finances starts with, well, being informed. In this section, we have gathered some resources that should help you do just that. Of course, if you have a question or concern, you are also welcome to pick up the phone and contact your AKM CPA directly.

Annual Year-End Tax Guides: These booklets in PDF format provide an overview of the tax laws for the current tax year. They contain numerous helpful hints on strategies and approaches you might consider as you seek to minimize your tax liability and keep more of the money you earn.

Tools: Planning tools and calculators that can help you glimpse the future before it gets here.

Bulletins and Alerts: In-depth examinations of a single financial or tax issue that we prepare on a regular basis.

Newsfeed: A trusted third-party provider feeds various financial and tax stories to our site each month.

Links: Other sites that our clients have found useful.