Market Volatility and Portfolio Reviews

Given recent market volatility and uncertainty, we want to remind you that we offer portfolio review services through our Registered Investment Advisor, the AKM Consulting Group.

Many portfolios are now “out of balance” as a result of recent substantial price changes in many asset classes. Therefore, portfolios should be reviewed to determine whether rebalancing is required. It is also critical for portfolios to be reviewed to determine whether investments are appropriately allocated in light of any changes to their individual circumstances. Finally, a down market often presents attractive opportunities to purchase assets that are temporarily beaten down in price at “on sale” prices. We strongly recommend that you contact your current advisor, or contact us, for a review of your portfolio. These markets call for proactive analysis and definitive action — not complacency — in order to avoid repeating the mistakes many investors made in 2008.

Please contact us if you are interested. Rebalancing and portfolio reviews are a relatively simple but valuable component of the investment process.

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