Holidays Are the Best Time to Think About Your Family and Its Future

Securing your family’s financial future requires careful consideration, meticulous planning and some deep conversations.  Some people are reluctant to take these steps for a variety of reasons.  Others go through the process but don’t follow through with critical steps or revisit their plans as circumstances change.

The fact is that you and your family can only benefit from creating or updating your plan before the future catches up with you.

Consider these five questions:

  1. Do you own real estate in multiple US states?
  2. Have you set up a trust that still needs to be funded?
  3. Since you set up your retirement accounts have you added or lost members of your family?
  4. Has it been more than three years since you last revised your will?
  5. Are you worried about having enough money for a comfortable retirement?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be taking unnecessary risks with your family’s financial future, as well as ceding some control over your assets and how they can be used and distributed.

Your AKM CPA can help you clarify your goals, access your circumstances and identify potential risks and opportunities.  Then we’ll connect you with the right team of experts to put all the pieces in place.

Contact us today, while it’s still on your mind.  The future won’t wait — and neither should you.

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