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Tax Filing Deadline Changes: What You Need to Know.

New Due Dates for Tax Returns/Changes to Extension Deadlines Beginning with tax year 2016 returns due in 2017, a number of filing deadlines have changed.  The primary purpose of the changes is to facilitate a more logical flow of information … Continue reading

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Hitting You Where You Live: The Hidden Tax Perils of New York’s Residency Rules

U.S. citizens are taxed on all income, regardless of where that income is earned. New York State takes a similar approach to taxing its residents’ income. In addition, New York subjects nonresidents to taxation on certain categories of income sourced to New York. The state aggressively pursues taxpayers who have “resident” attributes while declaring a “nonresident” filing status. Consequently, certain nonresident taxpayers must take care not to run afoul of the complex rules New York uses to determine residency for tax purposes. Continue reading

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