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Employee Health and Wellness Benefits, Cost Controls and Tax Strategies

Employees are typically one of the single biggest costs of doing business, and providing benefits for those employees represents a large—and growing—chunk of the cost. Healthcare costs, in particular, are rapidly rising; the cost of healthcare including premiums and out … Continue reading

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Executive Summary: ACA and You: Tax Changes for 2013 and Beyond

As implementation for the Affordable Care Act (“ACA” or “Obamacare”) has finally begun, taxpayers at all levels will notice certain changes in taxes they pay, the way income is reported and health-related deductions. This Executive Summary covers some of the provisions with the broadest potential impact. Continue reading

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An Education About College Funding

This year my family has faced a big change – the kind of change that every family with children is eventually going to face. Our oldest daughter Amanda went off to college. Aside from that lingering feeling that somebody is missing when we sit down to a family dinner, we had a much bigger dilemma: how we were going to cover the costs in the most effective way possible. Continue reading

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