AKM International Affiliates

Many of our clients have business interests or residences in other countries. Whether they are citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. or foreign nationals with U.S. interests, they need teams of accountants to coordinate their financial affairs across boundaries.

AKM has built a strong network of select professional firms in several nations. Together we help our mutual clients:

  • Structure their businesses appropriately.
  • Take title to property in the most advantageous ways.
  • Comply with tax regulations in all relevant nations.
  • Protect wealth and assets.

Our international accounting and tax law network currently includes:

International CPA Firms:

Rosenthal Zaretsky Niman & Co., LLP, Chartered Accountants


Ralf Otto, Steuerberater


Beechams, LLP, Chartered Accountants


Giampiero Morales, BC& Studio di Consulenza Societaria Tributaria e Legale

If you represent a chartered accounting or tax law firm outside the U.S. and believe you would benefit from building a working relationship with a U.S. firm, we would like to hear from you. Contact Co-Managing Partner David Mond at dmond@akmcpa.com.