1099 Deadline is January 31st

As part of a number of rules and deadline changes  intended to make compliance easier for everyone, the IRS this year is requiring that 1099s for non-employee compensation be completed and distributed by January 31.  This is a month earlier than in prior years.  Form 1099-MISC is issued primarily for any non-incorporated payee who was paid $600 or more in compensation during the tax year.  While it is possible to obtain an extension, penalties apply beginning February 28.


  • Should ensure that they have correct address and TIN information on file for any required 1099s.
  • Must also file Form 1096 summarizing all 1099s issued.


  • Should notify any of their customers/payors if they do not receive their 1099 by early February.

Further information is available on the IRS website at https://www.irs.gov/uac/about-form-1099misc or you can contact your AKM CPA to discuss any concerns.

Please note:  If AKM prepares your 1099s, we are requesting all relevant information by January 17 in order to meet the filing deadline.

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